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2020 Leader of the Year LeSpencer Walker

Each year Target Corp. introduces its Black History Month collection that includes more than 100 products, including apparel for every age, music, books, decor and beauty products. Helping to lead the charge is Jackson native LeSpencer Walker. He serves as the creative director, which means he leads concept and product details for the line. LeSpencer started at Target as an engineer intern in 2009 and was offered a full-time position in 2010.

He has an industrial and systems engineering background with a focus on effective processes, material analysis and manufacturing. As the senior brand manager for Target, LeSpencer works on the brand management team that oversees the company’s brand, using art and science to further their success in retail. He is forever a student of blending the engineering and design worlds to deliver great products, experiences and quality. As a leader, LeSpencer strives to create efficient performance, open ideation, effective design solutions and fun. In his nine years working for Target he has earned seven patents, received the Senior Vice President Award for merchandising operations excellence and co-chaired the company’s engagement committee to empower others to create a workplace that people want to be a part of. He has traveled the world, collaborating with worldwide partners to achieve Target’s goals in product creation and has created 1,000 plus original products for Target stores.

“In order to achieve anything great we must collaborate and allow others with ideas to step forward and reach their true potential. I have never wanted the credit. I would rather see the smile or the outcome.”

LeSpencer, who values his role as a husband and father of a one-year-old daughter, takes creating products and experiences that will solve a problem and give joy, evoke greatness and hopefully inspire the next generation seriously. Aside from designing, LeSpencer is a soccer enthusiast. He received a soccer scholarship to Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University) and worked for Starfinder Foundation: Soccer for Social Change, where he coached soccer at various elementary schools. He coaches club level soccer, which he has done for seven years, and volunteers with community, educational and industry-specific organizations.

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